Who is Emily Basili?

Hello Reader,

I hope this post finds you well. My name is Emily Basili and I am a certified Ananda Yoga & Meditation teacher. I was certified in 2015 at the Ananda School for Yoga & Meditation just outside of Nevada City, California. I am 26 years old and will be 27 on April 17th, 2018.

I found yoga after a shadowy time of loneliness. A time where I had forgotten who I was, what I wanted from life, and who mattered. The teachings of yoga brought color and texture back into my life. It wasn’t another person’s love, alcohol, or drugs that made my life feel sparkly, it was me. The light had been there all along.

Imagine yourself in a dark cave with only a candle’s glow. If you begin to focus only on the dark it’s too easy to forget about the light you hold. You are your own candle, your own light in this world. Every wonderful thing you feel is within and comes from inside you. There is power there, and love too.

All that time feeling alone in the dark was a blessing. The farther down you go in the rabbit hole, the more the light shines brighter as you come out. Unless, of course, you go to far. Thank you, Divine Mother, for giving me what I needed when I needed it to get me out of that hole. May you do the same for others.

I started practicing yoga in my bedroom in the first real apartment I ever lived in. Just me, my laptop, and good ol’ Youtube. Eventually, I wanted to know more. I wanted to know as much as I could know. (It’s infinite.) I typed into google: yoga teacher certification retreats and the first listed, at the top of the page, was for Ananda. What a match made in heaven. I saved more than I ever have in my entire life to get myself to California and to become certified.

Ananda Village is a truly amazing place. It sparkles with ever new delights. I don’t mean the food, or the trails, the tea, or the people, although, all of those things sparkled too. Everything, everybody, shimmers with something. An intuitive knowing, peace within, or  the Divine presence glimmering through their bodies, their branches, their leaves, and lakes, their buildings, and food, and even tea breaks. Even revisiting the memory brings me joy. Thanks.

After becoming certified I started teaching in places that presented themselves. My first student was a middle-aged man who happens to be blind. He has a heart of gold. This man taught me so much, and in particular, he refined my ability to teach through words and not through action. A lesson that I revisit whenever I remember!

I taught at HACAP (daycare centers). I taught at schools. I taught to my family and friends. I even had the opportunity to teach a breathing technique to a very intoxicated girl. She was all sorts of upset, I’m still not sure what about. I was simply walking by and noticed how upset she was. I told her I was a Yoga teacher and asked if she would like to learn a breathing technique. Ya know what I taught her? How to breath with the belly. That’s it! Inhale, feel your belly expand into your hand. Exhale, feel your belly relax into your body. This beautiful soul had never been taught how to breath properly. Heck, I didn’t know how to breath properly, until yoga, of course.

To wrap this up: I love teaching just about anywhere that will let me. Since I was first certified in 2015 I have visited the Ananda School again and became certified as a Meditation teacher and received a certificate in physical assisting. I plan to venture back again this spring to become certified as a pre-natal yoga teacher! In the big scheme I’d like to keep working towards my 500-hour Yoga Instructor certification, open a studio of my own, teach my babes an untraditional life style, and share the light with whoever will let me.

Thanks for reading ❤

Emily Basili



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