The Luna Moth

Only weeks after returning from her second Yoga Teacher Training in California, Emily found this lovely creature perched at the top of her front door. It remained their for a few days before taking flight again.

Luna Moths have a lifespan of about a week, so these sightings are somewhat rare. The symbolism of these lovely creatures are spiritual rebirth, protection, and love. With such a quick glimpse of life the Luna moths only purpose is to reproduce, to live it’s life to the fullest with adventure and love.

“When I first saw this friend above our door I was in awe. I didn’t want to disturb it by opening the door or allowing it to slam shut. I was so mindful of opening and closing the door while my visitor was there. Every morning I would come down the stairs and slowly open the door to see if he was still there. Morning after morning I felt blessed to have such a creature hang around for that long. 5 days.

This was a time of spiritual growth for me. I had just returned from The Ananda School of Yoga and Meditation in Nevada City, California. I received my certifications as a meditation teacher and to help physically assist my students in the physical asana aspect of Yoga. Personally, I was diving deeper into a daily meditation practice. That luna moths presence, to me, was Love. During those few days I found myself praying to the moth below my meditation space. In meditation, that moth represented a Divine presence, a feeling of support and protection, and the magic of the life we are given.”

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