The Power of Affirmations

A teacher once told me his journey with anger. Even as a teacher of yoga and meditation he would find himself in situations that would make him bubble up with anger. He talked about how the feeling of anger would grow inside of him like pressure does inside of a carbonated bottle after being shaken. Something would trigger his anger and it would begin to bubble. He felt helpless as the pressure would build, and build until… Whoosh! It would come shooting out of him through his words, his actions, and his overall energy towards others.

This teacher spoke about how he felt helpless when it came to his anger. He would pray, he would meditate, but if something triggered his anger, he was only able to watch horrifyingly as his body and mind were taken over by this other ghastly figure.

He sought guidance from his teacher and asked for something to help. He was given a quote for self-control.

Self-control at first produces unhappiness because of the separation from the pleasure-yielding senses. After self-control ripens, however, the soul begins to experience finer, happier perceptions and to enjoy itself far more than when it lived identified with the sense-pleasures. The devotee, suffering from fear of the feeling of emptiness, must realize that renunciation is not an end in itself. Rather, it is a means to an end, and teaches one to shift the attention from lesser sense-pleasures to deeper soul pleasures.

-Paramhansa Yogananada

On his birthday he did not want a party, balloons, or gifts. He told his family and friends that he was going to spend the day alone at the river. He took his affirmation, the quote he was given, and spent the whole day on the rocks by the river. He memorized the affirmation and repeated it the entire day. He meditated when he needed a break and enjoyed the pleasures of nature around him.

He repeated the affirmation all day.

The next day, this man found his anger being triggered, yet again, only this time he used his awareness of his bubbling anger to dismiss himself from the situation. He repeated his affirmation, reconnected with his place of peace from the day before and was able to return shortly.

He worked at this. Taking notice of triggers, developing his awareness of the sensations of his anger and returning his body and mind to the place of peace he had so carefully cultivated.

Over time, he worked through his anger problems. He still was triggered occasionally, but had developed his self-control to, at the onset of his bubbling anger, diffuse the pressure from a peaceful place within.


An affirmation can be a word or phrase that one uses to reprogram their subconscious mind. It may be but a few words, a sentence, a paragraph, or poem. It may be self-created or given from a friend, teacher, or book.

In times of need I find myself affirming mentally and outloud:

Give me what I need when I need it.

I have found this affirmation reduces my anxiety about having enough by directing my ‘worry’ energy into ‘faith’ energy. Do your best in life and leave the rest to the Cosmos. Leave your worry of not having enough and put that energy into your faith that the Universe will provide for you.

Affirmations for Self-healing by Swami Kriyananda is a great book filled with affirmations. Check out the images below. These affirmations all come from Swami’s book.

As I said above affirmations can come from anywhere. Repeat silently or out loud throughout your day. Use the words that inspire you to positively change your brain.


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