The Matrix vs. True Reality

I only recently returned from the Ananda School of Yoga and Meditation in Nevada City, CA. This was my third time attending the retreat center and school. I took classes on Advanced Pranayama (Advanced Breathing Techniques) and classes on how to teach Restorative Yoga. As it always seems to be, it was a magical experience. I feel like this place is the charging port to my spiritual battery. I discovered new insights, personal lessons, and tons of techniques to share in classes!
As I was preparing to leave the Ananda School of Yoga and Meditation one of my teachers, Gyandev, said to me, “Emily, you must enter back into the Matrix. Remember, out their is the matrix. A world of delusion and human emotions. Here, this is reality.”
This really resonates with me. I would like to add that I feel that I hold the magical place of Ananda Village within me. I return to it with every meditation or moment of true awareness. Inside of you, when you experience that place of Peace, that is reality. This physical world, the world “out there” is the matrix. Don’t be fooled by the filters of the matrix. The filters of human emotions are not who we are. They may trick our current experience and we may feel them in the body or brain, but who we truly are is that Peace, Joy, and Love. That stillness in meditation. The joy or love you feel with your family, partner, or dearest friends. That shared experience of a divine quality. That is our true essence peaking through. That is who you truly are.
In times of woe, desperation, greed, addiction, or heartache know that that is NOT who you are. That is the matrix of this outside world dizzying your Truth. We are all the light or energy that is invisible moving around us. Feel it move within your body as you breath, feel it captivate you, inspire you as it moves in the sound waves of music. Feel acceptance in your heart that this body is the separating factor from your light and energy being absorbed into the bigger pool of light and energy. This body may have it’s magical moments and moments of pain, but it is not who you truly are. Acceptance of the bigger picture will awaken you to your True Reality.
If you would like to hear a different perspective on this matter by Paramhansa Yogananda click this link:
Blessings to you all,
Emily Basili