Positively Attuning Thoughts

Over the past weeks I have had a heightened awareness of the duality of positives and negatives. Being a duality both sides of this coin are equals in the value of the universe. In the post below I attempt to communicate my thoughts on the matter thus far. This is not a completed thought, but I wanted to share the bits I have formulated so far.

I feel that without knowing sadness I would not have the benefit of valuing happiness. Without financial hardship I would not value a dollar. Without illness I would not value good health. The list goes on. The obvious trait these examples give is that experiencing both sides of this coin allow one to see the entire coin and thus experience life more fully.

I do not believe that the duality must be experienced personally on both sides to develop this understanding. For example, a person who has only experienced loss or grieving through supporting others that are dealing with this can develop a value for the people in their life. It also seems that we naturally develop this understanding whether or not we are aware of it.

If illness is labeled as a negative, including the flu, a cold, viral and bacterial infections, or any other contagious illness then what is the duality of this? What else is contagious and seen as a positive? I find that when people are kind to me I want to share that kindness with someone else. When I feel inspired I want to share that inspiration with another. It seems to me that the other side of this contagious coin is kindness, inspiration, perhaps also, gratitude, and acceptance. If contagious illnesses take affect on the body then contagious positives take affect on the mind.

It is taught in Yoga philosophy, and some research shows, that having a positive outlook and positive self-talk can help to heal and rid the body and life of things we quantify as negative. Could it be that one step further is sharing that positivity with others? Sharing or spreading things like kindness, inspiration, gratitude, and acceptance. If one can build up their immune system to block illness can one also close themselves off to the contagious experience of the positive counterparts? That would then imply that one must be open to receive and experience someone else’s kindness, inspiration, gratitude, and acts of acceptance.

Being open to experiencing situations and each other allow us the opportunity to further experience ourselves. This opportunity of openness can also allow one to experience kindness, inspiration, gratitude, and acceptance, and thus, feel compelled to spread these qualities, and their like, to others.

I hope to further explore these ideas in the coming weeks. Thanks for reading and experiencing my thoughts.

Emily Basili

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